Life at Ramco - Journey of a CA Professional


While most CAs choose a career in Accounting, I chose to take a road less taken which has paved way to reach great horizons… Fresh after graduating from ICAI, I was placed in Ramco Systems, Chennai campus two years back. Since then, there has been no turning back! It has been a wonderful journey at Ramco. I started off as a Business Analyst in the HCM (Human Capital Management) Development team.

The ever increasing shift taking place from the physical to the digital world has significantly enhanced our roles as Chartered Accountants in global platforms in this environment.

I was involved in building a solution for Staffing Companies. This role demanded discussions with consultants and understanding the industry trends and growth rate. Documenting the requirements and figuring out how to frame a solution to capture all such information and process it without lapse of control or audit trail was quite challenging.

Control mechanism and testing has always been a part of our CA articleship which is extensively put to use here. Testing the functionality and performance of each screen and process and providing clearance is vital.

The SRP model – Services Resource Planning was introduced as ERP for Service industries. This includes touch-points with various finance processes such as PO creation, Invoice generation in various methods, Salary allocation engine, Multi currency rate cards and its conversion and impact, Taxation, Project profitability – tracking profitability from pre-sales to actuals. After spending one full year in development, I was given an opportunity to travel abroad for implementation of the solution developed.

How many of us would have thought of a full-fledged, complete exposure from development to implementation in a short span in IT industry? I was the lucky one! I traveled to Sydney, Australia for implementation of Ramco product for a Staffing company. I was involved right from the solution stage till implementation and support phases. Diving deep and understanding Australian taxation was a stupendous experience as well!

We have all studied Information Technology as a part of our syllabus covering topics like Phased implementation, Parallel implementation, System testing etc. Doing all this as a part of our job is an amazing thing!

Not only did I get to stay there and work for 6 months but the exposure I got was mind blowing. Interacting with people of other countries, understanding their requirements, tailoring the solution and communicating back to the base team in India was all a part of my role. This doesn’t stop here! As I was interested and available on-site, it helped me tap other talents of mine.. I had given demos about Ramco’s product to various prospects. Explaining the available & upcoming features and answering all their questions was a very interesting thing as well..

Sydney is truly a beautiful place to be and a must visit for all. My favorites include the Vivid Sydney lighting at Opera House, Saturday fireworks at Darling Harbor, Coogee Beach Walk and the beautiful Botanical Gardens. The Australians are very friendly, be it at workplace or otherwise. They are witty, yet very straight forward. They love discussing about sports specially Cricket, Rugby and Football. They are very particular and stick on to the time. For instance, if there is a meeting at 2:30 pm, it is 2.30 pm and not 2:31pm. Sydney is a cultural hub of Australia, you will see people from various countries walking down the streets, day in and out for work. One will hence get to witness all the celebrations including Diwali, Halloween, Christmas and Chinese Lantern Festival over there.

Life at Ramco doesn’t stop with just work. We have Yoga, Zumba, Cross fit training provided to all the employees. I am also a part of Spark, a voluntary group formed by like-minded talented Ramcoites to work in hand with HR in organizing various cultural and sports events. For all you people who would like to expose, it’s a fun platform to put to use your creative instincts .

Ramco just keeps surprising me by helping me discover things I never knew I could do! Thanks Ramco, I am looking forward for another exciting year.

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