Logistics and Transportation - Leveraging the Power of IT

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Today the need for leveraging the capacity of IT by the Logistics and Transportation sector to organize the overall functioning of the industry as a whole, is more felt than ever before. Even small and mid-sized companies are looking at investing in IT to develop their business. Though the transition has been slow, Ramco Systems is one of the few companies that have made their presence felt when it comes to offering solutions to the logistics space.

Growth and high degree of operational efficiency are some substantial aspects that are observed once an organization IT-enables itself successfully. Today, innovative technologies like GFS and RFID are being used to manage fleets and offer better customer services. IT enabling has also extended to government departments where vehicle tracking systems are being used to ease operations.

DataQuest India has published an article “Growing with IT” about the Logistics and Transportation vertical adapting to IT, the positive changes in the industry and the ground realities on why the progress is slow. Mr. Balaji Swaminathan, Practice Head, Logistics, Ramco Systems says thin margins leading to less IT spend, low IT preparedness, lack of structured or widely accepted business practices are some of the key challenges that render the process of leveraging the power of IT by this sector slow. But the scope of the vertical is immense in making it an emerging hot vertical for the IT industry.

With the proliferation of new technologies, logistics and transportation companies in India will increasingly look at IT as the key business enabler in days ahead. Looking at the current market dynamics, we can say that things are going in the right direction.

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