It’s a well-known fact that maintenance costs itself covers about 12-14% of the total operating expenditure for a company. Naturally, after investing huge amount on maintenance and other operational activities, Airlines and MRO’s are very specific when it comes to the selection of IT Solutions or an ERP system.

This is where ‘Point solutions’ comes in.

A product or service that addresses an explicit need in an organization whether it’s IT or Manufacturing or any other Industry can be termed, a ‘Point solution’. It concentrates on addressing a specific requirement really well.

It doesn’t try to paint the entire city; it just paints the room you want.

Market demand has already made it clear that the best-of-breed tools are preferred in terms of finding a good and efficient IT solution for M&E and MRO. There are only about 20 full-fledged MRO software key players for Airlines and MRO’s to choose from and who also cover the major percentage of Airline M&E/ MRO IT market around the globe.

Airlines/ MRO Concerns:

A common perception across the Aviation industry is that they don’t prefer or rather don’t want to migrate the voluminous data again and again; the reason is also quite obvious, owing to the amount of time, cost and effort involved in it.

There have been times when the end user is forced to live with the limitations of existing system and starts following their own manual processes by jeopardizing the confidentiality of critical and crucial data. Apparently, the amount of money, time and efforts the company has invested in implementing the IT Solution to make the process transparent and automated, slowly started to lose its existence.

Nevertheless, on the positive side Airlines/MRO’s are still open and always ready to embrace new technologies and additional features that are offered from time to time by the software vendors.

Software Vendor’s Role:

One of the biggest challenges for a Software vendor is to build an effective API and a system which can work as a standalone solution and can easily communicate with the legacy system(s).

Software vendors must bear in mind that the market preference is tilted towards solutions that can communicate in either ways i.e. it can take the required and necessary data from the existing system and use it as input for their functions and reportings. On the other hand, if required they must be able to export the required data in desired format.

Irrespective of whether it’s a full fledge software provider or a point solution provider, key note is, if you are able to show the flexibility of software towards third party integration along with the features offered by the software; that’s it, you almost won the market.

Quick Facts about Point Solutions:

Full-fledged software and point solutions are like a family doctor and a specialist doctor respectively. Point Solutions have a vitality and vivacity that originates from their authenticity, their simplicity, their sizable and solid active user base as they offer specialized capabilities. Obviously the advantage is that you get the solution for what you need and sometimes that means best functionalities available.

If point solutions are managed strategically by the Airlines/MRO’s, then it can be enormously impactful and Airlines/MRO’s can easily overcome the limitations of existing legacy systems, additionally they can also optimize their process up to much higher extent.

Seamless integration and communication between the systems offers the broader spectrum of benefits. Point solutions can easily be integrated with the legacy systems to produce the immediate perceptible benefits.

Point Solutions resolves three of the biggest challenges that Airline/MRO could have i.e.
1. When a feature or functionality that Airline/MRO wants is not included in legacy system
2. When the feature that Airline/MRO wants, but is not distinguished enough in legacy system to fulfill the requirement
3. Data security: Point solutions transmit data electronically from one system to another system reducing the duplicity of data entry and zero or less human intervention making it highly secure and effortless.

Ramco Aviation Solution has a process in place which enables standardization and handling of any complex integration requirement. The system supports automatic data conversion from SQL database to other formats such as text, xml, csv etc. thus reducing the interface development time.

The integration process provides a strong platform to manage seamless data exchange either in-bound or out-bound with other critical third party systems along with appropriate flagging against the data getting imported or exported. Exception reports, failure alerts can also be generated by the system as and when required by the administrator. It can be integrated with other M&E/ MRO/ Safety/ Finance/ HCM etc. solutions and tailored to customer needs.

Ramco have deployed and implemented its Advance Reliability tool in one of the leading airlines in the world which is helping them to generate the user defined reports in a single click of a button and also enables them to completely automate the generation of reports for OEM/Regulatory Authorities and for audit purpose. Additional integrations have been done for Flight OPS, Task Cards, and Finance etc. with the leading software vendors in the respective fields and also implemented the SPEC2000 interface for one of the leading airlines.

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