Possible Dampers on Cloud Growth

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There has been extremely encouraging growth in cloud computing, but as most experts will tell you, the adopting curve is beginning to flatten a little. Some say that’s just the natural course of adoption—which has to slow down over time—while others maintain that the popularity of the cloud is actually taking a hit. Either way, in the absence of concrete data, it’s very hard to tell. But this scenario does raise some interesting points. As it happens, there are a few impediments which, if left unchecked, can harm the growth of cloud computing.

Should vendors and businesses be concerned about this? You bet!

Where cloud can go wrong

There are a fair number of cases where businesses rolled back from a cloud implementation, because it made things worse. While most likely it has to do with improper implementation, it does point at the rising trend of insufficient expertise of vendors. But vendors are not the only ones to blame. On the innovation front too, a lot needs to happen. Barring the initial surge in popularity where cloud computing offered a radically different paradigm, not much has been improved.

Which leads to the most common complaint by businesses – lack of solutions that address their problems. Turns out that vendors are still positioning generic products, which naturally are not succeeding in getting business returns. Finally, there are challenges like the lack of common APIs, security, and lock-ins, which will definitely discourage the popularity of the cloud.

All this goes on to say that vendors looking to benefit in the long term need to look at these factors and start addressing them.