Predicting the Future of Your Business

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Now, the buzz is about Business Intelligence. In earlier days, visionaries who led a successful organization with a steadfast focus had the skill to predict the outcome of their decisions and today, it’s no longer a coveted skill that few are blessed with. But what is the connection with BI? What’s that to do with prediction of future? Want to know more?

Introducing Business Intelligence tools which can analyze data and help managers foresee business market-trends, challenges and opportunities! The latest issue of the BenefIT magazine has a feature on Analytics with excerpts from Debjyoti Gupta, Manager – Sales, Analytics, Ramco Systems among others.

At Ramco, our Banking and Analytics offering is a BI driven tool that can perform a comprehensive analysis of banking transactions and give meaningful insights about all the entities in the key product line. The tool also ensures that the bank can outperform competition in all core areas by instant information and intelligent analysis. This way, the bank now has more time to effectively plan sales and marketing initiatives and measure the success of previous marketing campaigns and product performance.

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