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Process Excellence for Running Operations

Business Operations & Process Excellence practices enable companies to transform into an agile and flexible organization and equip them to promptly respond to various challenges faced by them. A company will employ our capabilities in process reengineering and Six-Sigma based process improvement initiatives to increase process efficiency.

Process Excellence for running operations

Most often processes are developed organically over a period of time to cater to the varying needs of the organization. This approach leads to inefficiencies due to inadvertent inclusion of redundancies and wastes. An organization needs to enhance process efficiencies for achieving process and cost optimization along with quicker response time. This is driven by their objectives to improve margins while achieving improved customer satisfaction, better customer retention and more customer acquisitions.

Operations & Process Excellence practices help develop a system of continuous improvement in processes by bringing together company capabilities through Six-Sigma based tools and methodologies such as

  • Onshore and offshore resources; Company helps customers in reducing their operating costs by standardizing the operating processes
  • Rationalization of processes with a particular emphasis on reducing redundancies
  • Optimization of processes to drive efficiency and effectiveness

The key factors to achieve operational excellence are:

  • Standardize and centralize transaction processing
  • Rationalize the geographical footprint
  • Develop scalable operations at appropriate locations
  • Provide adequate training to employees