Ramco attends NASSCOM: Our CEO speaks

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It was a discussion with a difference. At the Nasscom product enclave, 2010, Vice Chairman, Managing Director & CEO. P R Venketrama Raja or as he is fondly called, PRV took the audience on virtual journey across RODE 2.0, Ramco Systems, ERP on Cloud.

Talking about industry requirements of today, PRV highlighted on why an ERP on Cloud can make so much of a difference for mid sized organizations who typically do not have the bandwidth to operate and manage a full scale ERP System, but can now avail the benefits of the same using Ramco's ERP on Cloud.

Talking about the benefits of Rode 2.0, PRV talked about how with a 24/7 global customer support and easy installation an entire ERP suite can be made operational within 7 days for any organization wishing to utilize Ramco's ERP on Cloud. He talked about how with state of the art data centers, data security is also not a problem on a model likes this.

PRV then went on to discuss the growth that Ramco has seen with this revolutionary product. Built on and adapted upon Ramco's powerful Virtual Works Architecture, PRV shared with us how Ramco's customer base has grown from 20-30 customers a year in 2006, to 20- 30 customers a quarter in 2010. Speaking at the occasion he elaborated, "While majority of our customers are traditional SMBs, we are today also getting orders from bigger organizations and also division segments of large MNCs."

From here the discussion steered to how System Integrators or SI's are being trained to implement this system, and here PRV mentioned how Ramco today is working with over 80 partners to train them on implementation of RODE 2.0.

Wishing new generation entrepreneurs in the audience, PRV stressed on how entrepreneurs today need to understand the "wave of requirement" and innovate to build products which stand on their own for benefits and efficacy. "For me building a product is like making a movie. It can be a hit or it can be flop, but if we understand business requirements then we can try our best to innovate and come up with products which have more usability."

Few frames of the interaction