Ramco Systems wins award for 'Innovation in IT Applications' at 3rd India Power Awards

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When Ramco Systems was awarded for their Innovation in IT applications at the 3rd India Power Awards ceremony here is what R Shankar, Executive Vice President, India, Middle East and Africa, Ramco Systems, had to say.


"Am very happy to be sharing with you the fact that Ramco was honoured with a prestigious award for ‘Innovation in IT applications’  at the 3rd India Power Awards event in Delhi. This event, an Annual Conference and Exhibition,  is organized by the Council for Power Utilities to promote excellence in the power sector.


Ramco had a speaking  slot at the forum, where we had spoken about Cloud Computing and its relevance for the Power sector. We had made a reference to Ramco’s long involvement with the power sector, also stating that Ramco’s cloud computing product  enables a move to Green ERP, as it is environmentally friendly, leaving no carbon footprint.


Ramco Systems has successfully leveraged its own best-in-class resources, as well as the domain knowledge and best business practices emanating from our large, diversified parent, the Ramco Group, to render unique business value to our customers. The Ramco Group has business interests in manufacturing and asset-intensive industries, including cement, cement-based products, building materials and textiles.


For the  power sector, which is essentially asset intensive, we have built asset management solutions that are ranked by our customers as the best. Power is a sector that is on a growth trajectory and IT plays a crucial role in helping utilities innovate and transform in a deregulated environment. Ramco has been at the leading edge in offering business applications, technology platforms and powerful delivery models that add significant value to organizations in enabling innovation and business transformation. This award is a testimony to the rich benefits that several energy and utility companies in India and abroad have reaped from Ramco’s solutions.”


The Council for Power Utilities observed that “Ramco Systems has been a forerunner in bringing innovative IT offerings to the Power & Utility sector. In recognition of its unique and dedicated efforts to establish India on the world map with product software, the CPU conferred  the Innovation in IT Applications award on Ramco Systems."