Rising Trends in ERP

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ERP and related applications are improving continuously especially in the last decade. Even though there was an economic downturn in the later half of the decade, companies were keen on implementing ERP applications and solutions in order to reduce their expenses in the long run and to ensure efficiency of their operations. Integrating all the process across various departments helps companies avoid redundant work and in turn reduces the operational expenses. It also helps the company in the long run, by helping with accurate data to analyze and project for the future.

Here are some rising trends in ERP applications & Software we have been noticing this decade.

SMB Segment

Small and Medium businesses are growing at a much faster rate in the digital age. Thanks to the ability to build applications on the cloud - a lot of minor tasks across business verticals can now be handled through applications and this has increased the growth rate of SMBs on par with global standards. More and more SMBs are implementing ERP solutions at the earlier stages of their growth to ensure process efficiency. Regulatory pressures from some of the Governments and mandates by outsourcing clients are also reasons for SMBs adopting ERP solutions.

Micro Verticals

So far, some of the large players were banking on integrating logistics, financials and HR processes into their ERP. Now-a-days, these are not considered to be differentiators as they are mandated by the clients implementing ERP solutions. Some of the niche players are concentrating on providing specialized ERP solutions and applications for micro verticals or processes within processes.

Staff Training

A Lot of companies are investing in training their employees to effectively use ERP tools and tactics. Previously this was not the case. Due to the advent of Cloud based applications, staff now can access OnDemand ERP from anywhere through thin clients like mobile / iPad / laptop etc. This has made companies to invest a little more amount in training the staff to utilize ERP solutions in order to get real-time inputs.

User Friendliness

Keep it Simple is the keyword for the decade. Present day ERP applications are becoming more and more user-friendly and anyone can utilize it with minimum training.

Social Media Integration

Social Media revolution in the later half of the past decade, has forced companies to integrate Social media into their ERP applications and software. There are 2 ways this has been done – One of them is to create an interface or Social Media plug-in that operates independent of any outside service. The second method is by linking ERP software with Social networking sites, exposing not-so-sensitive info and data. Microsoft has already infused its product line with Microsoft Dynamics and Sharepoint Integration. The main objective is to collaborate. Lot other companies are integrating their ERP applications with their internal social networking sites or other intranet sites.

These are just few and there are a lot more under Research. ERP solution providers are still working on improvising ways in which companies can mobilize their workforce through various applications with utmost efficiency.