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Selecting the Right Virtualized Project Management Tool

With virtual becoming a mainstay for many IT companies, there is now a gradual shift towards project management also going virtual. That makes sense also from the business perspective, as projects today are spread across geographies and virtual management is an optimum solution.

For project managers, it’s important to understand what to look for in a virtual project management tool, because it impacts not only the scheduled project, but the whole delivery pipeline:

  • Functionality: There are many possible alternatives when it comes to program management tools, including the free ones. However, cost should not always dictate the decision. As a project manager, you need a tool that simplifies everything, and yet has enough to accommodate future changes in project execution model.
  • Compatibility: It’s very important that the tool work right out of the box with other software you use. Having a common platform reduces ripple-effects and saves your team members from a steep learning-curve. Of course you can always choose to deviate, but know that it comes with strings attached.
  • Performance: Just having a long list of features is not enough; the tool needs to be able to handle real-time collaboration and tracking at a scale you intend to work on in near future.
  • Support: Finally, no software is self-explanatory—no matter how much the vendor says so—and you’ll always need a ready and reliable support system. Check for extensive and well-written documentation, round-the-clock technical support, etc.

Finalizing a virtual project management tool is among the most important decisions of your role, so make sure you give ample thought to it.