Signs You Need a New ERP Solution

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There comes a time in every company when you begin to have doubts about the existing ERP solution. How can you decide if it’s really time to upgrade, and not just a sense of unease? Much like the strategy of an enterprise, the ERP solution too needs to evolve, which means that the “one size fits all” approach is not going to go very far.

More specifically, you know the time has come for a better ERP solution when you are having:

  • Integration problems: Is your ERP solution finally beginning to show cracks when it comes to integration with other systems? It need not be so, and if you are spending your days and nights trying to figure out the right way to integrate, then it’s time for a new solution.
  • Reporting problems: An ERP solution is recommended because it eases report generation and handling. But if on the contrary, your ERP solution is leaving you with reports that you are dissatisfied with, both in terms of detail and presentation, then you need to start thinking about an alternative.
  • Spreadsheet management: A good ERP is supposed to consolidate all the data sources. So if you are always flooded with a barrage of spreadsheets that do not seem to be well connected, it’s definitely time for a change.
  • Compatibility problems: Have your vendors moved on to more flexible and capable systems, and you are finding your own tools incompatible? If so, you’d do well to analyze your requirements and start looking for a new solution.

In short, you know you need a new ERP solution when the existing solution stops serving the original purpose.

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