Social Recruiting - Towards More Productive Onboarding!

As I mentioned in my previous blog, with competition increasing in the business domain and customer experience becoming more and more crucial, the need of the hour is to inculcate a successful on boarding process. Hence the aim here is twofold: tapping the right talent that will flourish in accordance with its strength, and minimizing the recruiting and re-skilling costs. To meet these aims, best in class companies adopt Social Recruiting, which is the next generation recruitment method that leverages social media channels to acquire talent.

The very benefits that cannot be overlooked in Social Recruiting is that social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Branchout etc. not only offer a platform to find the top talent you need but also establish, maintain and promote a company’s brand identity.

The question here is “what defines your employer brand?” They used to say brand is a promise. However, now this definition has drifted to mean much more than just a promise. Rather these days where the world is becoming social and networks are close knit, “Employer Brand” is actually made up of the opinions and attitudes outsiders hold about your company.

Based on available information, job candidates as well as customers will form an impression of your organization. When it comes to hiring the best talent, you will definitely want your employer brand to be attractive enough to entice the best talent.

Hence Social Recruiting actually can help your company to build its branding message.And guess what, you can reap these benefits without the huge costs.

The next question is how do you strengthen your company’s brand by leveraging Social Media Recruitment strategy. In the following ways Social Recruiting contributes in building your Company’s Brand:

Create a Brand Identity: This is the era of millennial, where the Gen-Y job seekers leverage social media not only to look for just a job description but to conduct in-depth research about your company, your culture and your organizational values.

It is hence an opportunity for your company to use your website, social media profiles, newsletters and other channels to share relevant and coherent content that tells your company’s story and signal your unique organizational message.Not only creating a brand is the challenge here however maintaining the brand is a bigger challenge here. To do this you should benchmark your company with the industry trends and consistently ask your followers and fans in social media about what they think of you.Who else other than a prospective employee (alias the job candidate) can bring you a unique feedback for your brand…

Recruitment Video, Culture presentation, company stories/blogs, pictures and employee testimonials can act as few marketing collaterals for enhancing your recruitment strategies. Moreover, when this content goes viral on social media, benefits are galore.

Never forget to share your company culture and values, whether in a recruitment video or employee testimonials. Let potential applicants "see" inside your company and you'll be establishing your brand identity as you attract the kind of talent your company needs.

Spreading consistent message across social media profiles

It may seem simple to build a brand on social media where you get all the visibility out of everywhere however this definitely comes at a cost. The challenge for your company is that you should be narrating the same story and same unique organizational message across the social media profiles whether this message is for the job candidates, your customers or your prospective customers and target groups. Right from logo and tagline till the way the recruitments are conducted, the company brand should convey the same message about the organizational strategy, story and culture.

Great way to promote employee engagement

It is not about a resume anymore but about a person. Social Recruiting is definitely the onset of employee engagement philosophy. By personalizing the recruitment campaigns by posting the thank you emails to rejected job candidates, your company definitely scores over your competitors and indicates that you engage your employees better and portrays your company as engaging company.

After all, you are what you share…Social Recruiting definitely aligns with your Social Brand Equity…

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