The RODE map to Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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Customer is the ultimate target for any business. Managing relationships with the customers is very essential as they are the true brand ambassadors. The term customer relationship management (CRM) is used by businesses across the world to denote all the activities that involves employees and technology to handle their customers. CRM not only includes tools and processes but, it is part of the overall strategy of a company to help learn more about the customers in order to develop long lasting relationships with them.

Some of the activities involved in customer relationship management are as follows.

  1. Managing customer database
  2. Handling sales and service
  3. Lead management
  4. Event management
  5. Accounts management
  6. Order management etc.

All these days, companies were having independent applications to manage these activities. But with the advent of cloud computing solutions, companies are able to integrate all of them quickly and efficiently on the cloud.

For instance, Ramco OnDemand ERP handles all of the CRM activities mentioned above and also helps analyze information on market trends, manage customer feedback, product demand etc. Since it is cloud based, it is easily customizable and companies can get it rolling within couple of weeks.

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