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ERP predictions for 2011

Year 2010 experienced its fair share of roller coaster rides in the ERP software industry. The industry witnessed unprecedented lawsuits, critical acquisitions and impressive growth in software delivery models, and wrapped up on a volatile note.

No honors for guessing, this year too will be an unpredictable one. Nevertheless, the uncertainty has and would never stop us from sketching our future plan sheets.

I have tried to map a few 2011 ERP predictions in this blog post but before we go further let’s take a look at the highlights of the yesteryear.

Summing the year up in one paragraph, here are few underscores of 2010:

>> Waste Management and SAP ultimately enveloped their multi-million dollar lawsuit out of court

>> Marin County filed a lawsuit against Deloitte against their 30 million dollar ERP implementation which fell flat

>> Ramco Systems launched the planets most reliable, robust and agile ERP on the cloud, Ramco OnDemand ERP 2.0.

Moving on, year 2011, to many of us poses to be a milestone. With the exponentially growing number of players, the year looks vibrant and erratic. In Forrester’s point of view, the various gateways to ISV support and small ISP momentum; may prove 2011 a make-or-break year for the open source upstart.

The few trends which are most like out to play would be:

>> Mobile commerce would gain pace

>> Social Media chaos would experience some streamlining and converged solutions

>> Unified communication and collaborated suites expected to take forward convergence

>> Smaller vendors with specialized expertise that deliver value to customers continue to thrive.

>> With slim IT budgets and growing demand of ERP the year would face another doze of ERP lawsuits and cancelled ERP projects

>> Politicians are out of touch with the realities of IT. The cloud enables white-collar workers to work anywhere, allowing smart companies to seek locales with low taxes and overhead.

>> ERP would go serious on the cloud

>> The year would be a buying spree for many small and big organizations.

>> A good year for CRM software and social CRM applications after the repeated cost cutting sessions during recession