Creating Effective Enterprise Social Networks

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Creating Effective Enterprise Social Networks

Enterprise social networks are more than just a buzzword. As companies struggle to retain employees in a culture where job-hopping has become prevalent, employee engagement is the key. And one good way to improve communication and engage employees more is by leveraging the power of enterprise social networks. But what makes for a good enterprise social network? Here are some important points for businesses:

  • Free up communication: As an enterprise you should be more of an active listener than censoring body on the social network. Once employees feel confident that candid communication is not suppressed, you would have put in place an excellent feedback mechanism.
  • Effective learning: If you think traditional training methods are inadequate, then an enterprise social network is worth a try. As employees interact with each other and conversations build, this becomes an invaluable repository of information and troubleshooting.
  • Who’s who: Social networks provide a better opportunity to learn about the company culture and get to know the other teams, departments, etc. It improves interaction and helps the entire company function as a single unit.
  • Freedom of expression: A social network is also a great place for employees to showcase their talents and receive praise, which might not otherwise be possible for them. At the end of the day, it will boost morale and make them perform better.

Nurturing an enterprise social network is highly recommended, even if you undertake the project on a trial basis. The potential it has when it comes to employee engagement is enormous, and should be harnessed by companies serious about their human resources.

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