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      HR and Technology meet at Churning Point

      If there is one thing that every Ramcoite is talking about for the past few weeks, it would be...


      Ramco Reports Amazing Growth in the Q3 Report

      Ramco Systems has declared its revenues for the third quarter of the year 2012-13. What has been...


      Ramco Insider Releases Today

      Ramco Systems, which is among the leaders in Cloud Technology, launches its newsletter–Ramco...


      Ramco ERP on Cloud becomes location-aware with Google Maps

      Ramco ERP on Cloud has taken another stride towards becoming available globally. Partnering with...

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      Going Places

      This past week has been quite a phenomenal one for us at Ramco, as we’ve been part of some major...


      Air India flies high with Ramco Aviation

      Ramco Systems Ltd is proud to announce that we have successfully gone live with Ramco Aviation...

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      How Outsourcing Infrastructure helps recognize Cost Savings

      Glitzy stalls depict Flight Ops solutions. Booths with men attired clearly beyond the call of...

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      ERM Made Simple

      Equipment rental business spans from shop floor tools, machinery, cranes, lifts to heavy...

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      Gartner predicts 9.1 percent increase in IT spending in 2012

      Despite strong inflationary pressures and change in currency values, IT spending in India is...

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