Travel & Expense Submission Made Fun

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Travel & Expense Submission Made Fun

Has it ever happened that you have had to raise travel requests but do not know what travel class or hotel grade you are eligible for; or you receive a travel request for approval but are blind sighted because you do not know what the estimated costs are and don’t have the time to go web hunting for the estimated costs; have you ever raised an expense request for a trip and had to manually enter the expense items while raising the travel request!!! With Ramco’s HCM Suite you can kiss these problems goodbye.

Ramco Travel & Expenses is an integrated solution that will help you save time and optimize your spend at every step of your journey. The module effectively combines various aspects of business travel like travel policy, eligibility limits, approvals, booking, expenses etc… to provide a seamless, all encompassing interface to the end user. Not only that, the cloud also enables access to the travel desk to provide estimated costs before approval and make bookings after approval.

Plan and book travel


  • Controlled – The employee does not have to scavenge through travel policies at the last minute. The system automatically applies the policy rules to show the booking options and limits the employee is eligible for, thus ensuring that travel costs stay under control.
  • Flexible – For exigent circumstances, the system provides the flexibility to allow employees to request for bookings exceeding their eligibility. Of course it doesn’t forget the fact that any such request has to be highlighted to alert the employee and the approver to make an informed decision.
  • Travel Desk Integration – The Cloud model allows a third party interface for the travel desk through which they can provide estimates for a travel request before booking and make final bookings after approval.
  • Informed Approvals – An approver is no longer uninformed before approving / rejecting a travel request. He can make informed decisions since he is provided an estimate by the travel desk, he is assured that all requests are as per the HR policy and anything over the eligibility limit is clearly flagged.

Seamlessly integrated expense booking


  • Automated Expense Creation – Expense requests for a trip do not have to be created manually. Just selecting the travel request will create a corresponding expense request and automatically identify the various items required and their costs from the travel request. Not only does it save time but also reduces the possibility of errors that creep in during manual entry.
  • Expense Booking On the Go – Our mobile application enables the employees to raise and manage travel and expenses on the go. Expenses can be recorded as they’re incurred and expense reports submitted even before the employees are back in the office.
  • Policy Controlled – Just like the travel request, the expense request can also be policy controlled while allowing the flexibility to enter expenses exceeding the eligibility and flagging them.
  • Automated Payment – Expense items can be linked to pay roll and payments can be made to employees through payroll upon expense approval.