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Harsh Vardhan G

Harsh Vardhan G

Harsh Vardhan is an Adventurous Marketer, who loves to explore new frontiers. From emerging companies and leading outsourcers, he has had an exciting journey packed with learnings and challenges. In his words, he loves to ride the business roller coaster, albeit sometimes without seatbelts! After a 12 year stint in the Global System Integration industry which covered the lay of the land from Deep East in Fukuoka (Japan) to West in Abuja (Nigeria), Harsh boomeranged into his second stint in Ramco Systems. Now as Ramco’s Chief Marketing and Ecosystem Officer, Harsh Vardhan is accountable for driving revenues along with building brand Ramco and also developing the ecosystem which will help in force multiplying the reach out.

Digitalizing the Port Operations with Cloud Based ERP Solutions

This interview was first published in Indian Transport & Logistics News on September 24, 2020.