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Insights from Storage Administration

Storage administration is changing fast in the present scenario. Automation is the key to high-performance and reliability, which increases the responsibility of the storage administrator. And for those who are new to this role or find themselves in a new environment, the challenge can become overwhelming.

Here are some tips and insights for better storage administration:

  • Better monitoring: Contrary to the perception, monitoring is not a boring activity best left to the algorithms. While it is true that modern enterprise storage systems are highly complex and capable, it is the foresight of the administrator that allows companies to detect problems in time and have a solution ready.
  • Getting tech savvy: Sounds strange, but is nonetheless true. In today’s mission critical application scenarios, the administrator needs to look beyond the storage facility and know what he is dealing with under the hood. This may involve taking an extra training course or two, but the rewards in terms of performance gains and innovative solutions will be more than worth it.
  • Benchmarking storage needs: Unfortunately, there is no perfect method for forecasting storage needs. This calls for the administrator to be well versed in storage testing tools and to be able to apply them to estimate better.
  • Best practices: Finally, there is nothing better than staying on top of industry developments and best practices for storage administration. Keep up with the latest of trends, whitepapers, reports, etc.

The present-day storage challenges call for meticulous planning as well as innovative troubleshooting to succeed. It’s all about staying informed.