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      That Workplace Parked in Future, Now

      List down everything that makes up how organizations usually hire, manage work, train, appraise,...

      A not-so Blind Date

      What if HR and Technology started seeing each other? Think about it. Or rather read this...

      Emails are not what you think.. At least not anymore

      From an accessory to the ‘necessary’, this form of communication has firmly crept into a typical...

      Ask Jeeves! But Software is no Super-butler

      Or is it? Can at least HR Software be complete yet refreshingly simple? I mean how hard can that be?

      Wake Up! Before HR Becomes Paranormal Activity

      Nocturnal happenings are hard to trace - unless you are a bat yourself. Here’s how to track...

      Stop chasing the score. It’s time you change the Game

      All eyes and ears stood frozen on him. It was the penalty round. This way or that way, he debated...


      Are you shoehorning a generic ERP for your Services business?

      Tailors are supposed to make any wrong size fit with needles, tucks, pins and scissors. But do you...


      The Bell Curve – A Boon Or A Bane

      Next time you jump into a cliché HR appraisal cycle, look for a new inflection point

      It’s easy...


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