Better Decision making through better data representation

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With the implementation of ERP systems and related applications, data gets captured across the organization. Reports can be generated efficiently from the available data to gain a clear view of the day-to-day operations. Organizations utilize these reports to measure their business performance periodically and identify the areas of improvements to scale new heights.

Industry experts and analysts feel that, by presenting data in different formats and perspectives, the management will be able to make better decisions. Below are three points that managers could follow to ensure better data representation and aid decision-making.

[1] Use slides and include simple points – Representing data in powerpoint slides will have better readability than using an excel sheet to showcase all required data. Excel sheets could be confusing at times but slides are better way to provide data and information. While using slides, maximum three points per slide will help the audience understand the message clearly. Making slides in a simple format and using large fonts for numbers will have better impact on the audience.

[2] Target audience & agenda – Knowing the target audience in advance helps prepare appropriate agenda and avoid data spillage. Considering the needs of the business executives and managers who will be attending the meeting will help garner relevant data with precise insights wherever required. Timing the presentation to not exceed 30 minutes will ensure holding the audience’s attention span.

[3] Think out of the “bar” – Graphical visualization of the available data plays a vital role to generate interest and encourage audience participation. Data represented in the form of circles, infographics, icons, clip art etc. will be received in a much better manner than the primitive bar charts or pie charts.