Customer Management Insights

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Ranganathan Jagannathan
General Manager - Projects

Over the next few weeks (in no fixed frequency but will attempt once a week), I plan to share through this blog certain insights on handling customer expectations, managing their requirements, executing projects and steering implementation in general, with the material gleaned from personal experience and relevant literature that is available in public. I welcome the readers to provide their comments, feedback and also challenge / substantiate the thoughts expressed with their own view points and / or experiences that will help enrich overall knowledge. To start with, I am taking up the topic of ‘how to understand and meet customer expectations?’. In this regard, I am reproducing here a set of questions posed by researchers (A. Parasuraman and team) to selected focus groups across various industries in a study conducted long ago:
• What is the nature of customers’ service expectations? Are there different types of expectations?
• What factors influence the formation of these expectations?
• How stable are the expectations? Do they change over time? Do they vary across service situations and across customers?
• How can we manage expectations to enhance customers’ perceptions of service?
• What can we do to exceed customers’ expectations?
I leave you with those questions to make you think and get back with your take on these questions, plus here is a link to a very nice presentation on Delivering Happiness by Tony Robbins (has some great messages)