Emails are not what you think.. At least not anymore

From an accessory to the ‘necessary’, this form of communication has firmly crept into a typical employee’s work wardrobe. The question is –why do employers lack this fashion sense?

Work and email are hinged inseparably at various points of a typical employee’s day. Employees spend 28 per cent of their time on emails. That’s just the time part. If you care to take a walk around their minds and cubicles (in case they still exist) you would be further surprised to discover the sheer degrees of depth of email habits in which their work happens.

In fact, email often tread upon other new-age communication forms too. Email emerged as the top tool for those in the workplace according to a 2014 study from the Pew Research Center. Email, additionally, has suddenly traversed from a one-to-one communication to formats like loops, threads, one-to-many, many-to-many and so on.

Employees are not just exchanging instant information, or bartering for basic work ingredients without logging on to the system (your old currency), but are also rampantly performing transactions through email. In case you missed noticing closely, email is becoming another channel to communicate and transact with your business applications – from personal office productivity tools to enterprise wide applications suites.

Where do you stand then?

Someone who is already using an email-savvy work capsule like the Ramco HCM, takes the lead. There is ample and strong reason for this HR specialist to introduce ‘Mail it!’ in its solution landscape. ‘Mail it!’ is something that effectively and adequately supports all those feet in the new workspace wherever they go, come, hop and rest. It simplifies HR transactions with the new currency handy and ready. Like, all recurring transactions such as applying for leave, viewing payslip details or checking claim approval status can be turned possible through a simple email based request. And, since no manual intervention is required, the response is assured and almost instantaneous.

Appreciation vs Depreciation

So what pushed Ramco’s cloud enterprise applications to get architected to the extent that people can transact through a simple EMAIL! - where all transactions become possible through a simple email based request? This anywhere, anytime access that makes the system most inclusive and quite simple to use came out of the brave realization of a long-seated pain point that most modern organizations have suffered silently. BYOD, Consumerisation of technology, more-outdoors-than-indoors and unapologetically-tech-native generations have made employers bewildered and at sea with the new, strange, almost surreal scenario taking roots all around them now.

Employees live, breathe, function on a flurry of new mobile devices and apps, and the ability to stay connected and swiftly respond to any urgent business need is almost a non-negotiable for them.

Why not make the HR evolve to this new employee? After all, this very employee is the reason HR exists. What if this new-age employee could apply for his/her Leave through your HR system or raise a purchase order request through ERP software with the push of an email? What if notifying a material defect in maintenance software comes at the ease of an email click? Yes, what if?

Check the bag

Three is a recurring number if it can be said again at this point. There are three types of HR strategists today. The first one is happily blind or rigid to take note of how employees all around are transacting their words, actions, ideas and ambitions. The second one is still in a fuzzy state of assessment and calculating email’s impact as it penetrates the core of work as we know it. The third one, conversely, is calculating the big dip in support costs and huge levels of engagement that have come about thanks to email-ready HR solutions. This one has cleverly wiped off the dreariness and drudgery of inputting bits for the 80 per cent work that employees don’t exactly enjoy, but had to oblige during the era of old enterprise applications. This one is also happily counting all the new levels of employee satisfaction that this fresh, fun, romantic, instantaneous way of work has poured forth.

It’s not a question of who walks past the right counter or who doesn’t. What matters is who is stuck at the taxi point fumbling inside the bag for something that works, a currency that actually works at that precise minute and changes hands.

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