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Marketing: On Premise ERP Vs OnDemand ERP

One of the interesting aspects of being a part of Marketing at Ramco is the exposure you get in handling two distinct product categories. On one end we have a complex On-Premise ERP, which requires a lot of persuasion and reference sites to build the brand, and on the other sweet end we have our OnDemand ERP, which is a volume business. Every aspect of marketing like advertising, PR, direct campaigns, and more, play a vital role in building this brand awareness. Interestingly, Ramco is one of the very few companies, which has a two-tier market focus. Let me explain this with the famous AIDA model.

Every product/ brand has to go through four phase-Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action. Considering our traditional On-Premise ERP, the first three phases are crossed to a large extent and the purchase decision is made based on product features, cost, industry reference, and above all the brand promise. Hence, a lot of marketing effort for an On-Premise ERP is through events, forums, case studies, and editorials.

But, in the case of our OnDemand ERP (ERP on the Cloud), the concept of cloud-software delivered as a service (SaaS) is relatively new and requires market education. As an early mover, with a proven product on the Cloud, we have taken a conscious effort to educate the market with a 360 degree marketing campaign. The results - 100 + print and online media coverage; 100+ leads just in a week of the ad campaign...

On premise or OnDemand, marketing is surely proving to be an integral part of the overall brand. As we step up our efforts to build the Ramco brand, look out for more action on this space...

Posted By: Vinitha Ramani