Quick Self-Service, the countenance of HCM Software

Most software do not share your mindset. They make you walk through puddles even during sunny days. A good reporting or interactive experience is predicated on the surface of a keen understanding of engagement. This is not just a subjective word; it has a measure too and is called ‘attention span’.

Writers of blogs or software will need to capture audience attention. This ability to elicit focused audience attention comes before delivering the take-away.

Scientific studies have shown that one has about five minutes to capture someone’s attention. Audiences are capable of a longer attention span when they are doing something that they find enjoyable or intrinsically motivating. And this is where the countenance of what’s beheld matters.

Countenance? Are we in show-biz? Or aren’t we? Think about it.

When people think of utilizing software today, they think cloud, apps, app stores, mobility devices, intuitive user experience, consistent and simple forms, contextualization, configurability, etc. The expectations are high and these are basic survival attributes. A quick self-service solution could satisfy this need.

Ramco QSS (quick self-service) delivers on these expectations and more. Through an app that runs on tablets (iPad or the android variants), the user is provided with the means to interact with HCM software. With minimal training, they benefit from concepts such as card based design and interact through ‘cards’ and widgets into functions such as time management, time off, travel, benefits etc.

Daniel Raeburn, New Yorker, once said “Facing a mirror you see merely your own countenance; facing your child you finally understand how everyone else has seen you”.

We understand the ‘countenance of things’ and strive to deliver. In the countenance of things, are super short forms designed for quick completion and ultra-thin transactions for most frequent scenarios. Quick Leave for instance, is super short form that only needs the user to select dates. Rest is defaulted.

Coming back to the point on attention span, we said that users would feel engaged if the user experience is enjoyable and they feel intrinsically rewarded. The countenance of things, Ramco QSS is guaranteed to make the user experience enjoyable. The intrinsic reward requires a little more work.

Have you shuffled cards before? QSS here again, allows users a choice of cards (widgets) they would like to see on their screen making it all the more customizable for every user. Your screen, your way- you are free to organize your homepage the way it suits you. You have a choice among widgets for time off, time sheeting, benefits, performance, etc. The story doesn’t stop here. Reporting time off or time sheets through QSS, implies Payroll is always informed. This is the benefit of integrated Human Resource software – a clear incentive.

It’s a fast pacing world with monotonous tasks day in and day out. Don’t confine yourself. Get something sensible to further simplify your daily routine.

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