Transformational Leadership - Key to Business Excellence

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Transformational Leadership - Key to Business Excellence

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. So goes the saying. However for any organization aiming for business excellence that “single step” can prove to be very crucial. Going by the verdict of experts, transformational leadership can be that important “single step”, the lynchpin that helps the entire team stay positive throughout the journey and guides them towards specific goals in a consistent manner.

Transformational leadership should ideally begin with the visionary who leads the organization. He should be determined, self-motivated and not held back by any downfall. He should be able to provide a clear view of the future that will inspire potential followers to remain motivated.

Leadership expert and researcher Bernard M. Bass, after studying successful corporations across the world, has developed the “Transformational Leadership Theory”. According to Bass, transformational leadership can be defined based on the impact that it has on followers. These leaders garner trust, respect and admiration from their followers.

While the transformational leadership style overtly helps organization achieve business excellence, there is also a tacit promise that in some way, the followers will be transformed in a very positive manner.

Successful groups have gained competitive advantage because of their distinctive capabilities in diversified sectors. The transformational leadership style in these organizations has empowered people to greatly exceed their previous levels of accomplishment.

Of course, there have been low moments, days of failure and mistakes. The largest corporate giants have lost countless hours in unworthy products, cancelled deals and contracts. However, according to popular research studies, one of the key factors that held these organizations together and kept their vision intact during their failures is transformational leadership.

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