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Trends in VAR-based Cloud Computing

An important and upcoming segment of cloud computing is that of Value Added Resellers (VARs). Because most vendors catering to SMBs choose to resell cloud services, they face the practical problem of differentiating their service offerings. VAR-based cloud computing has emerged as the answer, where vendors customize the base offerings to develop solutions that offer, say, better integration or specialized solutions for different verticals.

Trends in VAR-based Cloud Computing

All this has led to different new practices and innovations breaking into the market, and VARs who want to maintain the lead need to stay abreast of them. Here’s a discussion on the latest trends for cloud computing vendors.


As cloud systems have evolved, it has become a necessity to manage complexity and automate configurations. The result is orchestration, which seeks to maximize the value inherent in each of application, services and platform tiers. Relying on the principles of control theory, orchestrations allows interconnections between several systems to be automated, making it possible to extend scalability in a never-before way.


SMBs that need to take complete control of the underlying business logic are now looking at PaaS as the answer. Give that most of the offerings are still centered around SaaS and IaaS, it represents a huge opportunity for vendors looking to stay ahead of the curve. That said, the playing field for PaaS is still not mature and might be too risky for those who like to play it safe.

The whole industry is still in somewhat of a flux, and businesses do not fully understand the cloud. As such, vendors who focus on building relationships and address doubts through ongoing communication are going to win in the long term