Wake Up! Before HR Becomes Paranormal Activity

Nocturnal happenings are hard to trace - unless you are a bat yourself. Here’s how to track wee-hour issues that affect rooms like talent acquisition, productivity et al; right till that corridor called attrition – and that too without some EMF meter.

DON’t go there! No, not in the shower! Get out of that basement! Right behind you!

How many times have you yelled these lines in disgust while watching a horror movie? Don’t bother to count.

The word ‘talent management’ would haunt you much more than that with questions like- Where do we fall when it comes to hunting phantoms in the spooky corners of talent management? Sitting on a couch with the best view? Or out in the dark basement waving an almost-dead torch in the air?

It is a no-brainer how talent has turned into the most acute competitive advantage (or vice versa) for businesses in the last few years. But how tough can managing talent actually be? Isn’t it like supervising cattle – just count them, feed them and count them again the next day.

If that’s who you are, it’s time you sit down to writing Animal Farm part 2.

If that’s definitely not ‘you’, continue reading.

Talking of reading, any good CEO or a cognizant HR manager must have come across words like ‘Instagram hiring’, ‘Linkedin Recce’, ‘real-time appraisal networks’, ‘flexi-hours’ and ‘in-trepreneurs’ certainly. These are signs that the world of HR has changed beyond recognition. Today’s talent is not cattle but pets. They need extremely high levels of personalized care, attention, grooming, nutrition and observation. The job of a good HR captain does not end at picking the best ones. The job starts there. Making sure employees fit in at the right gears, ensuring their skills and competencies are leveraged well, polishing their challenge-areas and navigating tricky turns of appraisals or exits in a smooth manner- yeah, sounds like a horror movie already.

However, the scene can turn entirely different you can get the best view and a really strong vantage point (popcorns included).

Almost everyone has grabbed a seat

Today there is a big shift from companies towards investing in core HR system not limited to secondary technology for talent and performance management. In a 2014 Deloitte study of executives in companies with 10,000 or more employees, 48% of respondents rated their HR department as "not ready" to reskill itself to meet the demands of global business. Only 8% of HR leaders showed some semblance of confidence in their HR teams' skills and abilities to meet business demands.

So many HR-oriented managers are simply caught up in the wrong alleys – piled under moth-balled systems, poor processes – stuff that just won’t stack up for chasing modern-day monsters. HR, no matter where it is located – in the manager’s mind, in the CEO’s mandate or in software - has to attain the seemingly impossible. It has to orchestrate productivity, skill development, competency mapping, succession planning, consistent engagement, and a throbbing organizational culture – with poise.

The magic can happen only when technology, processes and systems allow managers to see the invisible.

Imagine being able to almost reinvent the core HR, or steer a slew of end-to-end recruiting functions and to quickly find the right talent and build long-term relationships with current and potential employees at far lesser costs. Something that Ramco has been delivering, and on Cloud.

Think of the ease of capturing staffing requirements, collaborating with recruitment agencies, short listing profiles of potential candidates, managing interviews, rating and selecting applicants, offering jobs and bringing them onboard with solutions that fit like a T.

Ramco’s portfolio is a good glimpse of how HR can be simplified for HR executives through Workforce Planning, Talent Management & Succession Planning modules. Investment in the right technology can flick a new light switch in the black, eerie world of today’s businesses stuck in stone-age processes. It is turning into a need more than a want. You can get rid of mundane boring transactions and also get clarity on your talent pool from one single source. It can finally prevent your organization from turning into a horror movie.

After all, there has always been a fine line between ‘scary’ and ‘thrilling’.

Depends on where you are – Alone in the basement or on a couch with THE remote control.

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