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Why the Cloud Needs More Innovation

Looking at the huge popularity of cloud computing and the many benefits it brings, it’s easy to believe that there’s already all the innovation we are going to need for quite some time. However, if you dig just a little deeper, this is not so true.

Here’s what needs a heavy dose of rethinking when it comes to cloud computing:

  • API standards: A breakthrough is needed in evolving and enforcing a common API standard across vendors. At present, vendors are developing and deploying cloud applications as they see fit, resulting in a market that is highly fragmented and enterprises are locked into particular ecosystems. The only way out is radical and quick innovation in setting up API standards.
  • Private cloud: The concern for privacy and security has led to the creation of private cloud, and then hybrid cloud. But the problem is that the concept works well only in theory. For most companies, private cloud means nothing more than renaming and reusing the legacy systems, which is frankly nowhere near sufficient when it comes to delivering value.
  • New products: There are very few players in the market who have designed their cloud products from the ground up. Most are happy to replicate whatever exists on the market and sell them as “enterprise solutions”. The trouble here is that this approach solves no problems, and is a waste of resources on both sides.

One reason for this non-existence of innovation might be cost pressures on the vendors, but that’s an even greater reason to innovate and create some tangible advantage before the bottom falls out.