Working Liner Services (WLS): High Precision and Advanced Manufacturing

Mexico-based WLS uses Ramco to streamline the rapid and ongoing changes within their company.

Located in Monterrey, Mexico, Working Liner Services (WLS), a CNC metal machining company manufactures high-end precision components for the Oil and Gas Industry. Using the most advanced computer technology and qualified personnel, the company’s processes are based on a culture of continuous improvement and compliance with local regulations.

As they continued to acquire new equipment, increase their capacity and improve processes, they needed an ERP solution to streamline the rapid and ongoing changes within the company. WLS finally narrowed down on Ramco ERP on Cloud. Discover why!

Challenges pulling WLS down

WLS was looking to grow and expand, but it was facing many challenges in terms of:

  • Manual mode of operation: Managing operations using spreadsheets was complex and tedious
  • Absence of integration between procurement, inventory sales, production and finance divisions
  • Lack of reporting capabilities

In pursuit of a boost!

WLS needed a solution which could integrate the various departments, including Procurement, Sales, Manufacturing, Finance, Quality and Logistics. It needed a system which would give the management a holistic picture of the company’s operation and performance.

The following modules were offered to WLS:

  • Inventory Management
  • Purchase & Subcontracting
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Management Accounting & General Ledger
  • Payables Management
  • Receivables Management &  Discrete Production

How Ramco did it for them

  • Successfully foraying into the Mexican market, Ramco went live in 13 weeks with 12 users
  • Hands-on training provided to all 12 end users of the application
  • Training consisted of both on site and off site training
  • Customization seamlessly incorporated the estimation requirement
  • Specific fields captured during the material receipt and quality inspection process; this has also been achieved by customizing Ramco’s application

WLS comes out finer and better

With Ramco’s solution on board, things definitely changed at WLS and they changed for good.

  • Real-time information on the status of orders
  • Ability to track different stages in the manufacturing activity
  • Anytime, anywhere access to the application which was key as the management used iPads to carry out transactions even while on the move
  • Email alerts during the occurrence of specific events
  • Complete visibility over the operations of various departments

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