4 Myths about the Cloud

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Cloud computing is considered to be the by-product of the dotcom era. It is also considered to be a rejuvenating change from the primitive concept of shared or dedicated servers. The cloud technology is scalable yet affordable system of floating applications and data on the internet. There are thousands of articles online providing information regarding the cloud network and its architecture. This article is to debunk some common myths about the cloud

Myth 1 :: Cloud computing is very complex

The technology is still naïve. Leading players are exploring ways to exploit this new medium. Industry experts claim that hosting on the cloud is the simplest possible way to host an application or data. As like other technologies that were criticized during their early stages, the cloud computing, as a technology is going through similar stage of criticism right now. Businesses have just started realizing the potential of this new medium and sooner or later, it will become the industry standard for service offerings.

Myth 2 :: Getting on the cloud is an expensive trip

Unlike traditional software, users don’t have to pay for the complete package. They only have to pay depending on their usage. Tonnes of applications offer pay-per-usage and subscription based plans to facilitate users with the flexibility in payments. The users can keep the billing rate low when they access minimum and most relevant features.

Myth 3 :: It’s a cloud. It’s a fad & it will vanish shortly

The hype about cloud computing and related services are too much these days that every company wants to be present in the cloud, regardless of the nature of their product or service. Experts feel that it’s a breakthrough in technology and a new approach to offer products and services in the millennium. With the remarkable increase in popularity of thin clients, cloud based solutions are very essential to cater the needs of the iGen (internet generation) and hence it is here to stay.

Myth 4 :: Everything is transparent and It’s not so secure

Thanks to the continuous research in this area, security has been tightened on the cloud. Firewalls and anti-virus packages are very efficient that, the applications and data are highly secure on the cloud. The vendors who are offering cloud-based services have defined standards to protect sensitive client data. In addition, clients have the option of holding private clouds within public clouds with secure access through VPN, IP recognition etc.. So, it’s perfectly safe and the potential is soon coming to the fore, so watch out!!