Benefits of exploiting IaaS for business

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Benefits of exploiting IaaS for business

Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) has been a revolution to IT solutions. The whole idea of availing services like servers, storage and networking on an off-site basis is indeed intriguing and in many ways beneficial. So, how does the Cloud IaaS benefit you?

Benefits of exploiting IaaS for business


While setting up an on-premise infrastructure for an organization, one of the most difficult parts is to estimate the scale of implementation. While implementing on a larger-than-required scale would incur losses, expanding infrastructure, like increasing storage capacities or the number of servers when demand increases can be an impediment to the workflow. With Cloud IaaS, a simple upgrade or downgrade of service package would almost instantly upscale or downscale the infrastructure services. This significantly reduces the effort that goes into pre-planning.

Reduces Total Cost of Ownership

Cloud IaaS implements a pay per use model which lets you use services based on requirements. Moreover, with IaaS, the capital expenses [i.e. the cost incurred in buying assets] is converted into operational expenses [the cost incurred in using the assets]. In addition to these, the cost of maintenance which takes a considerable share of IT budget, is transferred to the IaaS vendor. All these work together to reduce the overall cost of owning services.

Shifts focus to your competence

Availing Cloud IaaS lets you focus on what you are good at. Since, you have a whole team of IaaS vendors to take care of your IT needs, your own IT department can focus on innovations for your organization, rather than spending their workforce to maintain the basic infrastructure. Moreover any small scale business which doesn’t have IT competence can even do away with a dedicated IT department.

Cloud IaaS is flexible, scalable and less expensive than traditional IT solutions. There are numerous other benefits of Cloud IaaS like quick deployment and migration. Especially, for medium and small scale businesses opting for IaaS opens doors to countless opportunities.