Business Transformation through Cloud Computing

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Business Transformation through Cloud Computing

When cloud computing is mentioned, business transformation automatically comes to mind. That’s because the fundamental tenet of cloud computing is not putting a small portion of your business in the cloud, but complete business transformation from within. And as every business is composed of two very important entities, people and processes, this is where the transformation has to begin.

Business Transformation through Cloud Computing

Transforming people

The first challenge in business transformation lies in the people element. Human beings are not great when it comes to embracing change, and cloud computing is indeed facing an uphill battle of wider acceptance. Usually the employees do not have a full knowledge of the benefits of cloud computing. The situation can be more difficult in the top management, who may not have witnessed the transformational power of the cloud. So if you have to begin, start by spreading awareness and winning people to your way of thinking.

Transforming processes

It’s not enough to move a portion of your business to the cloud. Almost all the processes you use can benefit by adopting a cloud-based model, but first you need to make sure the process model is working well and is properly defined. This is another area where migration to cloud computing proves daunting, because it makes the stakeholders rethink the entire business workflow, which can be an onerous task to complete.

Achieving business transformation through cloud computing is possible, but requires a slightly different mindset than the traditional one. Looking deep into your processes and people management is the right way to start.