Cloud Computing Benefits beyond Reduced Costs

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Ask any company why they moved to cloud computing, and you’re likely going to hear “cost reduction”. While the sentiment rings true to the massive transformation the cloud has brought about in the IT landscape, it fails to do justice. As enterprises who’ve been with a cloud for a few months now can testify, there are benefits far greater than an immediate curb on operating costs.

So if you are looking to migrate to the cloud, or recently have, know that there is much more hidden value in the form of:

  • Flexible deployment: Once the business has moved on to cloud computing, the whole delivery pipeline becomes extremely flexible. Components can be plugged in or out as required, which suits companies that are dealing with business uncertainty on a daily basis. Extending the deployment or integrating it with other systems also becomes fast and easy.
  • Faster development: For developers, cloud provides a simpler, much more consistent API that lets them write applications in very little time. This also improves stability of the software, and cuts down on testing time required before release.
  • Agile systems: With overheads related to hardware and manpower minimized, cloud computing makes IT systems more agile. The result is improved productivity and reduced reliance on vendor lock-ins that prevents businesses from benefiting from latest innovations.
  • High ROI: With cloud computing, companies can own hardware and scale it up instantly. Because servers and storage are virtualized, it brings down cost of ownership and allows faster break-even.

It’s been said before, and is worth repeating: Cloud computing must not be looked upon as a mere tool for cutting costs. It’s a paradigm that can transform your business fundamentally.