Cloud Migration - Focus on Strategy

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Cloud Migration - Focus on Strategy

As a cloud vendor you are always trying to win companies over to your turf. So you make a pitch for the cloud and present the benefits. It should come as a surprise that while most vendors highlight the lack of infrastructure and low cost, these are not the game-changing benefits of the cloud. That’s not to say cost is a trivial issue, but that cost can never be the winning factor for enterprises, who need to look at a host of other factors to make sure any new technology will fit into their needs.

Cloud Migration – Focus on Strategy

It’s all about strategy

A technology that solves a problem is good, but a technology that becomes a strategy itself is excellent. The same is true for cloud computing. It’s not just a replacement of a company’s existing systems with something that is cheaper and takes less space; rather, cloud means being able to deploy application just-in-time and be able to scale them up as much as necessary. And there’s no need to look too far for examples – just recently, cloud telephony has been making headlines, where it’s possible to scale calling ports up or down as much as needed.

That’s where cloud computing can have a huge positive impact on a company’s environment. If the business decides to diversify tomorrow, it becomes very easy to convert important data between formats and scale it vertically or horizontally, all the while demanding very little effort as compared to traditional methods.

Think about it

That’s where the real power lies for enterprise computing – creating a rich ecosystem of business workflows that live in the cloud and are as flexible as you want. So the next time you want to vouch for the cloud, you had better consider this important angle too!