Thoughts on Cloud Storage Efficiency

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When large business operations are considered, efficiency becomes a prime concern. And a particular problem with traditional storage centers is precisely this: lack of scalability accompanied by inefficient storage architectures. Can cloud come to the rescue here? Good news is it does, through the use of virtualization. Although many businesses say they understand virtualization very well, they still don’t have well-developed ideas on efficiency, which is where this posts intends to help.

The magic of storage virtualization

The moment storage is virtualized something magical happens. Because the hardware is abstracted away in the form of a virtual machine or server, you don’t need to rely on a single vendor anymore. And as anyone knows in the industry, breaking free from a lock-in is a huge advantage. At the same time, virtualization is able to use resources like processors optimally, pushing the overall effectiveness to many times. But that’s not all. Some of the best advantages come from the excellent idea of provisioning.

Higher efficiency with provisioning

The greatest challenge with improving efficiency is to move with the demand. Provisioning is a solution that allows admins to get more storage than they need—much more, in fact—and use if only when the need arises. This helps prevent the usual crisis of storage shortage during peak demand, which can bring sensitive projects to a halt. Such a system is also extremely easy to scale up.

Storage is tricky, but the cloud makes it possible to manage it with ease. Learn from these tips and improve your cloud storage efficiency.