Customer is King! 4 Tips for Customer Delight

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King indeed! recently posted content about how to make your customers, not just happy, but delighted by your service. Many successful financial advisors measure customer service, with traditional measures such as process time, customer satisfaction, or portfolio increases. Customer delight is measured throughout service industries, from hospital care to fine restaurants to sales experiences.

Meet William. William has been a financial advisor for 4 years. His business is representative of thousands of advisors. However, his customer delight practices make him unique. Virtually all of his clients are attorneys at big law firms. He describes them as “highly educated people. Most were at the top of their class, all of them are very busy.

Simple, straight forward and ready to implement, here are 4 tips that Williams strictly adheres to, to ensure his customers always are delighted by his service.

  1. Take all the time in the world. Once he has the client’s balance sheet, William prepares no more than 2 or 3 investment choices. During the client review meeting, his goal is to give the impression that he always has ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD for that client. He repeats that phrase. Then he makes his one recommendation based on their long term needs. He never talks about other time constraints or other clients. He says, “My closing ratio is about 99%.”
  2. Reward the Best. After the review meetings William rewards his best customers. He hand delivers Teddy Bears on Valentine’s Day. He sends Amazon gift certificates on birthdays. He rewards colleagues and clients who send him referrals.
  3. Mean it when you say, “No Problem.” When William hears, “You want to meet at 7:30 a.m. in your office?” His reply must be, “No problem!” When he hears, “You need to re-schedule again?” His reply must be, “No problem!” We will all face rejection and disappointments. Those with a Silver Platter Service vision like William respond differently. They respond like winners.
  4. Focus on the Numbers. William loves to read trade journals like Financial Analyst, because they are academically focused, and less biased than “other marketing information disseminated by our industry.” His focus is on the returns described by CFAs who run mutual funds. He analyzes possible returns for his clients and then distils that knowledge, the actual numbers, into simple advice to his clients.

After all, we do agree that delighted customers are definitely better than satisfied customers!