Data threat, Data protection

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White Paper, Ramco Systems

Anything that is valuable is vulnerable, and Data certainly is susceptible to security threats.

In today's digital era, we do things online, from multi-million business transactions to day-today banking traction, from booking tickets to paying bills, almost everything is done online and each of these macro-micro transactions are stored in the form of digital data. Data that is confidential and requires top most security.

The threat stays whether the Data is stored within a company's premises or stored by a third party data storage service provider, perhaps the worry in latter is even more since it cannot be watched, causing a psychological discomfort. But the question is, do we really have a reason to feel the discomfort?

Don't we feel more secured when we keep our house hold valuables in our bank locker? Yes we do, because we trust the bank and their locker system. Similarly, if we can build the same trust with a third party storage service provider, the psychological discomfort would no longer haunt. This trust can automatically come when we know the capability, infrastructure, & technology used by the service provider.