Emerging Security Considerations in the Cloud

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It is said that successful cloud implementation depends on the vendor. On the same note, how effective a vendor proves in the long run is largely determined by how much attention is given to cloud security. But despite what most vendors think, the topic of security in the cloud is not so easily tamed.

Here’s a discussion on how security plays out differently when we’re talking about building cloud-based architectures.

Mobile is different

Most of the cloud computing is surrounded by mobile or the idea of mobility. Now many would think that security in the mobile space works the same way as the desktop, and so a combination of antivirus, firewall, etc., would be enough to provide desirable levels of security. However, this view would be entirely wrong. Mobile cloud is so dynamic and responsive that the traditional ideas of security no more apply. For instance, devices can be accessed easily using JavaScript or other simpler tools, which is much harder in the desktop. At the same time, mobile devices are physically on the move, connecting to and disconnecting from various networks during the day. This represents an extremely fast and dynamic picture, which is no small task for a security expert.

The power of network

When we talk about the cloud, the network is everything. It can be used to generate big data analytic s and every node in the network becomes just as important. That means the points of protection are not servers and routers anymore, but the entire network. Understanding this fine distinction will go a long way in setting up the right security policies and evolving an effective strategy.