Ensuring Clean Migration to the Cloud

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Enterprises usually tend to be so fixated on the end-result of cloud computing that they fail to realize that the process of migration is just as important. Of course migration is not complicated, but it does demand carefulness and forethought, without which the switch to cloud computing can be ineffective.So what can vendors and businesses do to make sure the migration goes as smoothly as possible?

Here are some tips:

  • Know the risks: First off, you should be aware of the magnitude of risk involved. How much data are you migrating? How critical is that data? Do you have a contingency plan in case the migration goes wrong? It’s important to ask such difficult questions to yourself.
  • The vendor game: More often than not, failed migrations are caused by negligence on part of the vendor. Not all vendors are alike in their approach and technological expertise, even if they seem to offer the same services. Make sure your vendor has a proven track record and unmatched reputation.
  • Plan for a reversal: Improper implementation or migration can lead to a system that is less efficient than before. In such cases, enterprises have to initiate a rollback and revert everything. But it’s only possible if this situation was accounted for. Worse than a poorly performing cloud system is the one that doesn’t let you go back!

Migration is a key link in the whole chain of cloud computing. Follow these tips and make sure you have everything under control.