ERP for Power Industry

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Power sector is unique in its own way with complex and diverse requirements. But still it plays a significant role in promoting the economy of any country. Five to six decades age, only the Government handled the power sector. But post 2000, many private organizations have taken up the task of power generation in India. However it has been a hectic task to meet the growing demand for power.

To meet the growing demand, it is very essential that fixed asset management, plant monitoring, work management, inventory-carrying costs across locations, field service management, real-time plant management, geographical information systems and trouble management are taken care of appropriately. Not all of the ERP solutions available in the market are capable of carrying out such enormous tasks.

Very few packages like Ramco Ondemand ERP, are available in the market to workout budgets, compare and contrast variance in electricity, daily monitoring of meter readings, inventory reports etc. without the need to maintain huge paper work. Since there are no definite rules to find an ERP solution suiting their varying requirements, it is very important for energy companies to evaluate their requirements properly and select an ERP system accordingly. In addition, a single ERP solution may not be sufficient to handle all the requirements. So it would be helpful to consider different solutions for certain areas.