ERP Know More - Effective Stake Holder Centric Training

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In continuation with our previous post on Effectively Training Employees for IT and Automation, this post deals with Stake Holder centric training.

Overview of System for Top Management: This training course is designed to present the system to the top management of the department or set of departments where the system will be deployed. Directors, Senior Managers and their deputies from all the concerned departments are the target audience for this training. The objective is to introduce the new system to the customer.

Operations Training: It is designed to enable end users to be productive in using the systems. The trainees are drawn from various operations / departments Software Engineers and Analyst assigned for specific system/module will also attend their respective system/module training. Each of the attendees in this program is expected to be familiar with the business processes they carry out and also with day-to-day desktop usage and web browsing.

User Administrator Training: This program aims at training the application administrators to manage the security profiles of the various the customer users in the system. It is recommended that the customer evolve a comprehensive security policy and categorize the entire user base into appropriate roles; with each role have a specific security profile. A uniform security policy, once created, can become part of this training kit and disseminated accordingly.

System Administrator / IT Staff Training on Maintenance operations: The IT Department of the customer would manage the system deployed at the data center on a day-to-day basis and this program aims to equip such users with the necessary skills. While the IT staff may not initially be able to solve all user reported problems on their own, this program aims to help them to understand the nature of the problem, gather more information about the problem and simulate / report to the maintenance crew. This would also give all necessary information to maintain the systems to the back office. Some of the material discussed in this session would be confidential to the customer and the system being deployed. Therefore, it is recommended that the customer instruct the participants not to share this information with others (individuals / groups both internal as well as external to the customer). Transfer of Technology is another aspect that requires a mention but it needs to be discussed in detail and so, will make for the new blog post.

Contributed by : K. Shyaam Sunder, Chief Knowledge Officer, Ramco Systems