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Cloud Computing has transformed the way businesses function. The true potential of the cloud lies in separating technology plumbing from the high-level logic that matters most to the business. And it allows business users to envision and deliver high-paced performance and growth like never before. We are proud to have pioneered in moving ERP to the Cloud!

The blog posts for this week will feature content penned by K. Shyaam Sunder, Chief Knowledge Officer of Ramco Systems, on how Cloud Computing is slowly carving a niche for itself and on its techno-functional aspects as a business model, discussed as a part of a seminar organized by A&D India.

Information Technology is good when there are computation intensive tasks at hand, involving large amounts of data. A calculation can be effected by a calculator or a spreadsheet. An ongoing effort is better served through IT. The other benefit is that of networking and information sharing. Automation inherently means that all repeatable tasks are performed by IT or automation systems that ensure repeatability and an error free result.

The benefits of IT transcend the size of the business. SME organizations or large businesses may benefit from the processing and networking capability that it delivers.

As regard to its link to competitiveness, its ability to process large volumes of data spells direct business results when customer information is processed using IT. Large portals have been known to have amassed information about customer’s buying patterns. This in turn ensures predictability of the business and improved customer service. For instance, Ramco’s BPO runs a SAS 70 Type II Process to handle payroll processing for its customers. More than a million play slips will be generated every month through one unified process. A centralized system that maintains customer history in turn enables hotels to predict average room occupancy for a season. This allows the hotel to plan for any contingencies (such as the ARR dropping below 50%).

In other examples, the ability to network, allows clerks at hotel check in counters are often enabled with information about customers checking through the same central system. Knowing customer preferences, the clerk is able to offer the guest the feel of familiarity and a bouquet of services they would like. Ramco OnDemand ERP can message devices such as mobile phones or tablets. Thus, people traveling may still have access to real time information from the ERP. This helps them stay current and make better decisions. Reporting, analytics etc are some documents in advancing importance that can be delivered to a user through this concept of networking.

Watch this space for more posts on this series!