ERP Know More - Extendable ERP for Effectiveness

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ERP Know More - Extendable ERP for Effectiveness

Ramco offers ERP extendibility through its Extension Development Kit (EDK). Ramco’s Extension Tools are an integral part of Ramco OnDemand ERP. They encompass the methodology, configuration settings, and documentation that enable you to quickly evaluate, implement, and deploy best business practices for both industry-specific and general activities. These tools include the EDK, which is pivotal in the effective functioning of a successful ERP application.

Extension Development Kit Functionality

So, what exactly is EDK used for?

EDK allows organizations to build their own unique set of extended features to their existing functionalities, like screens or modules and integrate with the core ERP on the cloud. Customers can also create Portlets (web based portals) that contain dashboards and other analytical / graphical reports, to suit every individual organization’s needs. EDK does this, without modifying the base product source code. As a result, migration to the next version is not compromised. Ramco’s EDK is also useful for making in-house changes after the solution goes live.

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