ERP for the Pipe Manufacturing Industry

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Organizations place a high value on specialists. It is because they believe that a specialist adds more value than a jack of all trades. Then why is it that when it comes to ERP solutions, companies implement standard solutions and then spend time, money and effort in training the staff to work with it. For an ERP solution to add value to the business, it needs to cater to the specific requirements of the industry.

Considering the pipe manufacturing industry, some of the major areas of concern are:

  • Managing the inventory and movement of over 50 - 60 varieties of pipes and 250 - 300 kinds of fittings.
  • Managing the movement of their units from one or two manufacturing units to several depots for distribution.
  • Monitoring the stock age as plastic [PVC] cannot be kept together for years in stock.
  • Managing costs where the cost of the raw materials accounts for more than 70 – 80 %.
  • Handling payments in an industry driven by credit.
  • Estimating cost of the product.
  • Complying with their sourcing strategies and rules.
  • Expansion through backward integration should not hamper the business.
  • Tracking after-sales installation/commissioning and after sales service.

Ramco provides ERP on Cloud for the pipe manufacturing industry that caters to the specific concerns of the industry as well as the general requirements of the process manufacturing industry. Some of the key features customized in the solution for the industry are:

  • Easy traceability based on lot/serial number tracking to check inventory movement right from the time it enters your stock till it is issued for sale.
  • Adding excise costs while transferring stock out of your manufacturing unit to your depots.
  • An extensive quality management module to ensure that you deliver quality products to your customers.
  • Cost estimation for a product.
  • Integrated financial management module to maintain credit limit masters mapped at customer level.
  • Run credit limit check based on various documents like order/invoice/packslip.
  • Sourcing rules available for procurement.
  • Strong analytics including FSN Analysis, ABC Analysis and XYZ Analysis.

The solution also handles the core requirements of any manufacturer such as maintaining quality standards through attribute mapping at item level and inspecting and comparing the actual quality against the expected quality. The solution also offers a ‘Project Management’ module to track the project status.