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Impact of Cloud contact centre on Business

With nearly all the customers desiring to talk to a helping agent for resolution of problems, having a call centre isn't an ‘optional’ facility anymore. Today’s contact centres are up against challenges which are common to many service-oriented businesses –demand for higher revenues, higher quality and need for lower turnaround times—all these, while keeping the checks low.IT and telecommunication technology provided the initial push, but now Cloud is stepping in to overhaul the way we look at Customer care contact centre. So, how does having a Cloud solution for your call centres impact the business?

Cost-cutting in IT infrastructure

A contact center is a complex system. There are layers of technologies which have to be in sync– Automatic call distributors, IVR, CRM and WFM, to mention a few. Maintaining these is prohibitively costly for large and small businesses. However, using Cloud-based contact center services erases all these issues in one go. The cloud offers all of the above functionalities and tools in a fully-integrated package without demanding any hardware or software from your side. Even if you have an on-premise IT department, it won’t have to manage the call center software or hardware, which results in cost-cutting. Apart from these, Cloud-based contact centres offer more flexible licensing scheme and telecom charges.

Put together, Cloud contact centres considerably lower the costs involved in customer support.

Competitive Edge Having a 24x7 Contact centre can be possible only if one has outsourced the service to different time zones. The traditional practice of outsourcing the contact centres to economically favored locales across the world, was successful, but the profits are eclipsed by cost efficiency of Cloud contact centres.

With new technology that Cloud brings, it’s possible to implement features like personalized response, consolidated customer data, voice activated service etc. These features increase customer expectation and give you the competitive edge.

Flexible Infrastructure

Updating existing software system, or implementing a new system all together, involves massive costs for a business. Contact centres have a short update cycle, making the whole practice a burden on the budget. With Cloud technologies, it is the onus of the vendor to offer you the latest tech at competitive prices.

Moreover, because cloud vendors must support customers with constantly evolving needs, cloud-based solutions are generally more comprehensive, with state-of-the-art functionalities and capable of supporting the latest and best practices. As an extension, Cloud-based software has an easy interface and a flatter learning curve.

Ease in scaling up and down

In comparison to traditional contact center setups, Cloud setups can be scaled up or down with great ease. A business can also implement Cloud services as a pay-as-you-go system, which is possible because of the absence of infrastructure constraints. This results in maximum agent productivity and lower costs.

With all these positive impacts on a business, ubiquity of Cloud Contact centers is only a matter of time. A cloud solution of contact centers is ideal for businesses which are just starting off, because of its minimalistic infrastructure needs. So, it would be better to accept Cloud now, rather than wait to be made to accept.