HR Software Solutions Interfaces versus Integration

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Expect to hear the terms interface and integration frequently during your search for a HR Software Solution. Both refer to the interaction of two systems, but there are differences and it’s important that we understand them. An interface usually requires work on your part and data exchange does not happen in real time. Integration, however, is automatic and requires no work on your end. Either provides the capability to eliminate time consuming, error-prone double entries, but because integration generally means less work you should select systems that integrate whenever possible.

A hot topic that is catching up is how to provide a solution integration requirement which is hybrid in nature, meaning few of the applications reside in an on premise server and the rest on cloud. To be specific, organizations want to keep their core systems on premise and adopt next generation cloud solutions to manage HR and other non core functions.

Let us now understand the difference between Interfaces and Integration.

HR Software Solution Interfaces

Almost all business software applications in the market today are able to create and accept some type of import or export of data files. This allows you to transfer data to and from numerous independent solutions.

One solution which has a ready provision for any interface requirement is Ramco HCM on Cloud. Interface utility is a feature which can allow you to build, upload or download interfaces between any system such as time clock, third-party systems or even bank transfers.

Taking an example, let’s say your company uses one product for payroll and another for all other Human Resource (HR) functions. Obviously you would not want to enter changes to employee data separately into the two systems; it doubles the effort required and increases the chances of an error tremendously. An interface would provide the opportunity to take data from your Payroll product and download it to your HR system following each payroll run. Now here’s the catch: A file must be created or run from the payroll product, then downloaded to the HR Software solution either through a custom interface or by using a import utility (same as referred to Ramco’s interface utility). This might not take more than five minutes, but it’s still an extra step you would have to execute every time to keep your HR software solution up to date. Another important issue here is that your HR data is only as current as your last download. So if you do not frequently interface the data, you might find that the data in your HR software solution is often stale.

Interfaces require extra work and will not be real time, but they are an important means of tying two systems together, eliminating repetitive double entry, and reducing manual entry errors. You would probably be working with interfaces far more often than with truly integrated software applications. While an interface may not be the perfect solution, it does sometimes offer the easiest method of eliminating time consuming double entry.

HR Software Solution Integration

Integration is always the best-case scenario, but it’s rarely offered. An integrated HR software solution requires no work and changes happen in real time; as the two systems share the same database. So you only have to add or update data once.

If the two systems from our earlier example were integrated, a change made to payroll would show up automatically in your HR product (and vise versa). If you are looking for an integrated HRMS you will probably have to get all of your HR software products from the same company.

Take a look at Ramco products list as we provide integrated HRMS solution. Ramco HCM is a comprehensive solution which is functionality rich and is a preferred cloud solution. With an integrated solution such as Ramco HCM there will be minimalistic need for any integration or interface with third-party solutions.

Having more than a decade of experience in designing HCM solutions and having been through a journey which started from the days of client-server to the modern day cloud era, Ramco HCM is geared up to be embraced by organizations looking for an integrated HR system.