Jim opens the session, PRV talks about RODE 2.0

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Jim opens the session, PRV talks about RODE 2.0
Jim, our Global President - Aviation, Ramco Systems addresses the gathering


Jim Fitzgerald

Global President - Aviation solutions,
Ramco systems

Jim Fitzgerald Global President, Aviation solutions, Ramco systems opens the session for the mega launch. Welcoming the attendees and announcing the chief panel for today, Jim said, doing business on the cloud is flying on a magic carpet.

Going by that statement, I can certainly say that working on Ramco OnDemand ERP 2.0 will have similar experience. However, I am no expert to say that or assume so, that is why PR Venketrama Raja, Vice Chairman, Managing Director & CEO, Ramco Systems took the center stage and explained the functionality and uniqueness of Ramco OnDemand ERP 2.0.

Ramco OnDemand ERP 2.0 is planets most powerful ERP on Cloud, that has the potential to change the way business runs today, said PRV. Calling RODE 2.0 a defining moment in the future of business computing, he said it is product that the nation can be proud of.

Ramco OnDemand ERP 2.0, is an advanced version that is equipped with a rich user interface and a unique set of extension/customization capabilities. Taking great pride in the product, PRV said RODE 2.0 is result of nearly a decade of hard work, innovation and development. It's a shift from On-premise ERP to Cloud that will help organizations make full use of their ERP implementation; it's easy to handle with a simple design.

RODE 2.0 is as powerful as any high end product in the market at a cost that suits the pocket of every business, big or small.

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Posted by: Garima Sinha
Manager, Corporate Communications