Know what you write

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Know what you write

In an era, where you can endlessly rattle by dialing in just a few digits, people have quite lost the flare for penning down their thoughts and sharing it among people. Well, all generalizations aren’t right. (After all, we all know that Darwin himself was buried an unhappy man) So let’s say, not all people have lost the flare for writing. Some of them are still quite ardent about expressing their opinions through a set of beautifully strung words. But, to string these words, you should know the right usage of these words. Are you beginning to realize what my blog is about??

It is all about knowing what you write.

People have loads and loads of creativity stacked up in their heads; but, when they face the need to unleash this creativity through words, they just dump in a set of completely inappropriate terms and land up confusing the rest of the world. What I’m trying to convey through this blog is that, when people can put in their valuable time and efforts to actually write to convey their ideas, why do they not take that extra bit of effort to analyze the technical aspects of writing…

I do realize that writing is an art. But, we shouldn’t deny that we should take a scientific approach towards writing, and understand how words relate to each other to form a sentence that’s harmonious to read.

So how do we take this scientific approach towards writing??

Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day. You cannot expect to obtain all the learning about writing, in just one article. So wait up another week, and I’ll return with tips on how you can write better, with a scientific approach.

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