Manufacturing "Today"

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Producing maximum for minimum has been the fundamental objective of any enterprise, since inception. Today, this fundamental lies un-moved as companies thieve to cut-down manufacturing lead times and scale up their inventory turnover.

However, constant increase in the competition level has added another requirement. The need to necessitate customer demands promptly has become a significant aspect for growth. So today, as organisations work towards maximising output and decreasing turn around time, they are expected to maintain high quality standards while aptly service their customer demand.

The latest whitepaper on "High Tech Manufacturing" by Ramco Systems highlights the challenges concerning today's enterprise and also hints a remedy. A real time problem requires a real time solution, a comprehensive solution suite that consists of pre-built software components and services.

Ramco's Enterprise Discrete Manufacturing solution is one such solution suite that can be customized specifically by enterprises to fit-in their requirements. Referring it as a, combination of personalized assembly of pre-built software, the white paper certifies that the solution delivered by this approach is dynamic and is capable of evolving and changing along with business environment changes.

This solution has been designed and developed after an extensive research and has the backing of Ramco's vast experience with electrical product manufacturing companies.

The benefits deriving out of Ramco's Enterprise Discrete Manufacturing solution has been listed as the following in the white paper:

  • One enterprise solution for a multi-company, multi-geography, multi-currency enterprise - enterprise wide transactional backbone providing support for all functions
  • Ability to deliver geography / country specific functionality within a single solution
  • Ability to integrate and collaborate across the supply chain to reduce cycle times
  • Ability to synchronize the supply chain for a multi-company enterprise
  • Comprehensive manufacturing planning and control function with associated planning, scheduling and execution functionality
  • Special emphasis on supply chain functions to ensure fast and least expensive servicing of customer demands
  • A complete financial solution for the enterprise-handling books of accounts, management accounting, receivable and payable accounting, treasury, etc
  • Web-architected solution that promotes anytime, anywhere working
  • The technology underlying the solution promotes integration with other solutions plant automation systems, bar-code systems, RFID systems, etc

- By Rajveer Meena